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The quest for getting a Verified Paypal Account Philippines

Posted by berttadtad on September 2, 2008

My quest for getting my Paypal account Verified

Yes, I’m still not verified with Paypal. My uncle is still sending Paypal funds as my pocket money and getting these funds is through Smart Money Card by (smart money load program). Still I couldn’t bear with the 6% charge from I have to find a way on how to get a Credit/Debit card no matter how, I asked my friends, mates and family but sadly no one wants to enroll on Paypal, those newbies grrrr, letting them register using there name and let my uncle just send funds on the verified Paypal account and then get the funds from them. Well I can’t do anything but still I didn’t lose hope, I’ve searched the net, using i’ve type the keyword “how to get verified from Paypal Philippines” and lots of result were founds. I clicked and read posties which brings me to the link here I found about EON card, so i read more and searched more about EON, bank codes, and forums. And finally forums brought to me “EON debit card with Visa logo” and YES finally I have found the card that suits me. On August 13, 2008 i went to unionbank and applied for EON debit card, note: remember to bring any Two Valid ID’s government issued ID’s are much better, for me I used my student ID, postal ID and driver’s license ID I need to be sure lol. I have successfully signed up (the teller was so beautiful so I had to come back every 3 day and assuming to follow up my card application but the reason was just to see her, she is so friendly). On September 2, 2008 I got my card and paid 350.00 PHP for the card and deposited 500.00 PHP balance for the card cause you need to have 1.95$ or 87.75 PHP to be payed to Paypal but they said they will refund the money to your account after 4-5 days and after getting your 4 digit code from EON transaction account statement/summary and getting verified. Well now I’m waiting for 5 days in total, 1st day – card activation after getting the card, 2nd day – enrolled my card on-line after i went home on the 1st day, 3rd to 4th day – wait for the four digit Paypal code from your Card account statement/summary, 5th day – I will be now verified after encoding the four digit code and CAN now transfer funds to my EON debit card. Thanks to Unionbank.


3 Responses to “The quest for getting a Verified Paypal Account Philippines”

  1. bobbingup said

    I have the same problem. Union bank is not answering my mails. It’s past 3 days already, they should have sent me the four-digit code already, but none.

    How about yours now? what did you do?

    • berttadtad said

      Have you registered to EoN Cyber account? If not, you have to register and wait for 2 days. In your EON Cyber account statement you can get your 4 digit code the moment to link your CC on Paypal.

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